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Index : Ergopharm
Sports Supplement Information

Ergopharm  6-OXO

Ergopharm 6-OXO

Ergopharm 6-OXO

As time of Prohormones came to an end, it's innovators (Ergopharm) looked a new solution. They present 6-OXO...

Ergopharm's Product Description:

6-OXO Has Become the NEW Gold Standard for TESTOSTERONE ELEVATION

Drug Free, Legal, and Effective! Read on and Discover Why

The era of prohormones is soon to come to an end. As the originators and leaders of the whole prohormone phenomenon, Ergopharm looks at this time with sadness and regret. At the same time however, we see it as a time of enormous excitement and promise because we truly believe that we have developed the most effective and safest testosterone booster ever. Best of all, this product is both natural and non-hormonal, so it is and will remain legally available for a long time to come!!

The Era Of Prohormones Is Over. The Era Of 6-OXO Has Begun!
Maybe you are an experienced prohormone user - maybe you have never tried the stuff. Maybe you avoided prohormones because you were afraid of the potential side effects –things such as testicular atrophy, adverse blood lipid (cholesterol) changes, and liver dysfunction. You knew that although these effects were mild and transient (if they even happened at all), you still did not want to take any chances. We understand.

Well if you were one of these people, rest assured you have nothing to fear from 6-OXO. 6-OXO usage does not result in any of these aforementioned side effects, and we have the science to prove it!

Even more impressive is the fact that 6-OXO has been documented to promote sustained increases in ‘Serum Free Testosterone’ up to an average of at least 126%

The only thing you can expect from 6-OXO is a greatly enhanced functioning of your own natural testosterone production…and all its subsequent benefits on musculature, libido, and energy. Period!! ...

Primary Active Ingredients:*

Further Information:

Read more about Ergopharm 6-OXO at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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