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MuscleTech  Anabolic Halo

MuscleTech Anabolic Halo

MuscleTech Anabolic Halo

Muscletech's Anabolic Halo is a post workout supplement which describes itself as cryo-anabolic. It's designed to target 6 key areas post work including: insulin manipulation, anabolic transcription factor, catabolism, free-testosterone utilization, cell activation and increased muscle fiber area. It has a lengthy list of ingredients including Dextrose Monohydrate, Maltodextrin and various creatines. Read MuscleTech's text below for further information.

MuscleTech's Product Description:

It forces its way into you … through you … around you. The cryo-anabolic post-workout growth-inducing event invades your muscles and engages an anabolic uprising within them … leaving them with no choice but to grow!

Within seconds you’ll feel an intense glacial-like chill hit the back of your throat – like an avalanche of polar ice. The subzero outbreak has begun! It feels like your entire physiological profile is “freezing” as the mega-dose of more than 75 cutting-edge and musclebuilding ingredients in the ANABOLIC HALO™ formula courses through your veins.

What is this thing you’re feeling? It’s the power of -320 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s what happens when three pharmaceutical inspired, cryogenic technologies process a precise portion of anabolic and muscle-morphing compounds never before seen in the supplement industry.

The first process Team MuscleTech™ researchers and scientists used to create ANABOLIC HALO is SUB-ZERO™ Cryogenic Anabolic Technology. It utilizes subzero liquid nitrogen as cold as -320 degrees Fahrenheit to thermomolecularly enhance a precise portion of a key musclebuilding compound in ANABOLIC HALO. That’s right – Team MuscleTech researchers actually exposed one of the most powerful anabolic compounds in the world to the same impossibly low temperatures on the surface of the planet Neptune. The cryogenically processed anabolic driver is unlike anything your muscles have ever experienced.

The second cryogenic process Team MuscleTech researchers and scientists focused on is Lyophilization. Based on years of pharmaceutical use, this advanced technique freezes a proprietary dose of a hardcore ingredient in ANABOLIC HALO and subjects it to ultra-low pressure. This process of sublimation actually changes the physical properties of a molecule ...

Primary Active Ingredients:*

Creatine Maltodextrin
Evodia Powder Dextrose Monohydrate
11-Hydroxy Yohimbine Fenugreek Extract

Further Information:

Read more about MuscleTech Anabolic Halo at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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