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Index : Nutrabolics
Sports Supplement Information

Nutrabolics  DECA Stack

Nutrabolics DECA Stack

Nutrabolics DECA Stack

Make the mind to muscle connection with Nutrabolic's DECA Stack. DECA Stack aims to help enhances focus, mood and energy levels whilst increasing blood flow and muscle pumps. It's DECA complex comprises of Arginine Decanoate, Creatine Decanoate and Glutamine Decanoate whilst the Neurolising Matrix is derived from Thiamine Tetrahydrofurfury, L-Tyrosine Decanoate and Caffeine Malate.

Nutrabolics's Product Description:

What Is It?
The world’s most powerful pre-workout mind & muscle amplifier

How Does it Work?
Deca Stack is the only pre-workout supplement that you will ever need because it contains four advanced extremely potent matrixes in its revolutionary proprietary formula.

1. Anabolic Deca Complex: Deca Stack supports accelerated muscle synthesis with its clinically proven anabolic complex, containing Arginine Decanoate, Glutamine Decanoate, and Creatine Deconoate. Deca Stack uses Decanoate Technology in its Anabolic Deca Matrix to extend the release of compounds that are essential to keep your body in anabolic state. With Deca Stack not only do you get increased absorption of key nutrients such as Glutamine, Creatine, and Arginine, the nutrients are released slower and available for a longer period of time for superior muscle recovery.

2. Advanced Insulinotropic Complex: the Advanced Insulinotropic Complex contains Bis(picolinato)oxovanadium, K-RALA, and Cinnamon Extract to help regulate blood glucose uptake, by greatly enhancing the transport of glucose, amino acids, and other essential nutrients into the muscle cells.

3. Advanced Neurogizing Matrix: Deca Stack contains an Advanced Neurogizing Complex that gets your mind in the game and is clinically proven to increase focus, alertness, energy, and stimulate a good mood. This superior matrix combines the highest quality ingredients, including L-Tyrosine, Caffeine Malate, and Thiamine Tetrahydrofurfuryl, to help you stay mentally focused and get ready for the hardest workouts you have ever experienced.

4. Advanced Power, Strength, and Endurance Matrix: Deca Stack is also formulated to stimulate superior power, strength, and endurance for every workout. The advanced complex contains the highest quality ingredient...

Primary Active Ingredients:*

Further Information:

Read more about Nutrabolics DECA Stack at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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