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Index : Optimum Nutrition
Sports Supplement Information

Optimum Nutrition  Glycomaize

Optimum Nutrition Glycomaize

Optimum Nutrition Glycomaize

Optimum Nutrition's Glycomaize is a waxymaize based carbohydrate supplmement for refuelling and replenishment pre, during and post work out. It is a flavourless sports supplement and thus can be mixed with other sports and bodybuilding supplements.

Optimum Nutrition's Product Description:

Whereas proteins help with muscle rebuilding, carbs refuel and replenish. Of the various types available, Waxy Maize Starch and Trehalose are two of the best. Waxy maize starches are long-chain, highly-branched, exceptionally-dense complex carbohydrates that are rapidly absorbed. Trehalose is a much smaller, slower-digesting molecule comprised of two unusually linked glucose sugars. Together, these carbohydrates provide immediate and intermediate energy, top-off glycogen stores, and aid with nutrient absorption. That’s why they’re the foundation of our GLYCOMAIZE formula. Unlike other high-carbohydrate formulas that you may have used in the past, GLYCOMAIZE is designed to be used often and in greater amounts. Added Carbogen enzymes help ensure fast, easy digestion without bloating or cramping. So, when you’re ready to power-up your pre-, during- & post-workout drinks and shakes to meet the intensity of your sports, you’re ready for GLYCOMAIZE.
Beyond the Basics:

* 35 grams of concentrated carbohydrates per scoop
* Packed with fast-acting, high-molecular weight Waxy Maize Starch
* Trehalose for intermediate energy
* Contains Carbogen digestive enzymes to enhance utilization
* Unflavored versatility: supercharge your protein, weight-gainer, creatine, and amino acid drinks with GLYCOMAIZE....

Primary Active Ingredients:*

Waxy Maize Starch
Carbogen Digestive Enzymes

Further Information:

Read more about Optimum Nutrition Glycomaize at the link below:

*Primary Active ingredients may vary from country to country.
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